Mixed Media Drawing > Non-Existent Decay

Considering the laws of physics, life should not exist. This inherent implausibility is a fascinating and intimidating subject. Emergence becomes the struggle against non-existence. Repetitious clustering of atoms and cells oppose disintegration, acting as small metaphors of our own struggle for existence. The similarities between all organisms and systems – simple or complex, micro or macro – are vast and infinite.

The work explores the uncomfortable space in between growth and decay to convey the sublimity and fragility of existence. By mimicking these processes, visually and conceptually, the drawings explore the manifestations and relationships between these forces. My practice of drawing, and tracing states of emergence and entropy in our environment is an extension of the futile desire to capture life. I contrast colors, textures, and methods of representation to parallel this tension. Watercolor and ink are used intuitively, while pen and graphite provide detailed and controlled mark making.

In Non-Existent Decay, I appropriate moments of deterioration stalled by human intervention. Eroded sections of concrete traced onto sheets of mylar are embellished with graphite and ink. Obsessive marks and lines instill structure inside disorder while simultaneously suggesting infinity. The work alludes to both celestial bodies and microscopic entities, reflecting the interconnected complexities between emergence, entropy, and existence.